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"BogaziciExpo International Exhibitions"

Professional company that provides a full range of services in fairs, institutional configuration, foreign trade, media, publishing and corporate consulting for Local and International companies. We also provide special stand design applications as well as travel solutions.

Bogazici Exhibitions - with its experienced team and specialists on the scope of International trade fairs, international relations, foreign trade, architecture and design, business development and media studies will assist you with market extension, sustainable sectoral targets and realize your company’s corporate goals.

A wide range of participations from Turkey, Europe were brought to fairs which were held in over 25 countries like Germany, UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweeden, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzigova, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Argentina, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, DRC, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiophia, South Africa, China, South Korea, and India.

Bogazici Exhibitions , also offers assistance in industry analysis and strategic planning for those who desires to develop corporate identity management, target growth and results-oriented solutions to local and international companies.

We are ready to assist you anywhere, anytime...

Our Quality

We provide services in respect of contemporary, cultural, social and moral principles.

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We prioritize our customers’ requests and share our knowledge and experience with them.